New Sump Pump Question

I’ve just today had a sump pump put in my basement. The install isn’t finished yet, but the installer showed me how to test the pump. It’s a Little Giant and he said to suck on the tube on the end of the cord. When I checked the sump a little while after he left, the water level was several inches above the pump, but it hadn’t turned on. I then did what he said and sucked on the tube and plugged it back in. The pump worked great, but it wouldn’t turn off. I let it run for a good 30 seconds after the sump was empty, but it didn’t stop. I was worried that leaving it go would burn out the pump. My question is, how long should the pump run for after the sump is mostly empty and not pumping water anymore? The installers are going to be here tomorrow, but rather than bother them for something that might be really stupid, I figured I’d here here first. Thanks!


Load-bearing newel post?

Hi all, We recently purchased a house that was originally built in 1923, and remodeled in 1986 (gutted to the studs, major addition out back, new mechanicals, etc). We are attempting to mitigate its builder-grade 80s styling with more period-appropriate updates. As part of the updates, I’m modifying the staircase to create exposed treads. Example: Before demo: looking up at stairs

Gas cook top and diagonal floor cab.

I am thinking of putting a diagonal floor cab in the 90 degree corner. The gas cook top comes down a few inches and I would have to cut the top of the side wall of the cabinets. I do not believe that the few inches the cook top comes down would interfere with a lazy Susan. The cook top would protrude into the diagonal cab about 5-6 in. The cook top will be 30 in and I will be putting granite as a counter top. If the side cab is cut would there be enough support for the granite at that spot.Yes the cab under the cook top would not be centered with the cook top. Trying to do the best I can with the limited space.

Craftsman rear tine tiller won’t start

My tiller model #917.299080 won’t start. It sat for about 3yrs, with fuel. I drained the fuel, took off the carburetor bowl and cleaned it out(the bowl and nothing else), changed out some oil and filled it, changed the spark plug-still didn’t start. Tested if we had spark by taking the plug out of the chamber, and trying to start, no spark. Friend said to make sure the flywheel was free of rust. I got to the flywheel and yes it was covered in rust, so I lightly sanded it and the contacts. The broken spot with the shiny metal plate had no rust. I put it all back together and still no spark! Help! I have no problem doing the work, I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to order parts, willy-nilly, just to trouble shoot. Thanks! (I’ve already learned so much from previous posts!):thumbup: