Lennox RTU Condenser fan is not running in stage 1 cooling.

I am Having an issue with a Lennox RTU M/N:LGH036H4ES1Y S/N:5610C03692.

The Condenser fan does not come on in stage 1 cooling so the unit trips out on high head pressure. The fan does kick on in stage 2 cooling. I tested the voltage when calling for stage 1 and it is all there. When i run stage 2 i have the same voltage but the fan will actually run. I cannot figure out what is holding that fan out in stage 1. i swapped the wires for stage 1 and 2 for now. So when i give the signal for stage 1 stage 2 kicks on so the fan runs. then if there is a need for a second stage my controls send the signal for stage 2 then stage 1 will kick on so the fan will stay running.

has anyone seen this issue


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