York Residential AC Sizing (Based on SEER Ratings)


Is anyone proficient with sizing york residential equipment? They seem to size their evaporator coils to condensing units based on the desired SEER rating/efficiency… For instance, I needed a 2 ton LX condensing unit (14 SEER) but wanted to up it to a 16 SEER rating and was given a 3.5 ton (43k BTU) cased coil. That seemed a bit oversized to me but I was assured by the supplier so I installed it anyways. Now it appears that the system runs very infrequently because it is cooling down the house so fast and I’m concerned that it is not pulling enough humidity out of the air with such a short run time. I also couldnt get my subcool up past 3F, continuing to do so only started to decrease my superheat 8F. I was wondering if the oversized coil had something to do with this? It was a mild day, ambient was only about 65-68F.

So I would also like to ask: Does the system achieve the higher SEER because it runs less? Because I was under the impression that a system achieves greater efficiency if it runs longer, with fewer stops and starts?

Any input would be much appreciated, thx


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