patio under deck with deck footer question

We are considering adding a concrete patio that will be partially under our deck. size will be about 12′ x 30′. The patio will be a poured slab as a walkout from our basement. The grade slopes away from the house about 1′ over 8′. Deck about is supported via (4) 6×6 PT posts that rest on concrete footers. The location of these footers is within the footprint of the patio. The tops of the footers very in elevation, but all are below what the top of the patio will be.

My Question is one of how to properly support this deck after the patio is built. One thought I have is to temp support the deck, then put in sono tubes on top of the footers, pour concrete to an elevation that will be at or above what the new patio elevation will be, then pour the patio around the sono tubes, such that the two parts of concrete (patio and footer extensions) are not connected.

Another thought is to limit the width of the patio such that it falls within the deck piers, and we just leave the deck alone.



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