Didnt wanna break the seal

Gotta call on True 3 door glass cooler , 2 evaps , tin can underneath , found cond fan locked up.

Customer unplugged cond unit this morning because Beer was Hot , and compressor was room temp when I got there several hours later

Easy enough , replaced motor , cranked her up , felt around the tube bends , nice and warm on top rows

Unit it full of warm beer , 75 deg inside box , 70 inside store

I leave assuming its fixed

They call 2 hours later , said its not cooling

Go back , its at 60 now , cond tube bends feel the same , evap blowing out cool air , and top row where cap tube enters has frost building up only on “that one tube” for like 20 inches across both evaps

I dont like tapping into a system unless I absolutely have to.

I told them let it run all night , there are 50 packs of beer in there and they are warm and it might take several hours to get it cold

Oh and the customers keep opening the doors , just as he informs them its warm

beer inside

Talk about Hot Pull Down , sheesh

Is this thing gonna make it ? Is frosting on one row normal on hot pull down ?

Im hoping its not Waxed


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