At What Temperature Should A Homeowner Turn Off A Heat Pump And Use The EMG Heat

According to the Manual J Load Calculation I performed on my home, my home has a 22,000 B.T.U.

Heat Loss at 10 degrees F.

According to the Heating Performance Chart of my package unit… 10 degrees the unit produces

13,700 MBh, Temperature Rise 12.6 degrees, COP 1.78…..At 0 degrees the unit produces 10,600 MBh,

Temperature Rise 9.8 degrees, COP 1.45…..At -5 degrees the unit produces 9,000 MBh, Temperature

Rise 8.3 degrees, COP 1.27

Considering comfort, economics, etc…..does it reach a point at some temperature that I am just as well

off to turn the heat pump off and use the 10 KW Electric Strip Heaters?

It seems like I have read a discussion on here where someone stated that the heat pump should be utilized down to a 1.1


Thank You In Advance For Your Replies.


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