Travis Pellet stove won’t shut down

A friend of mine called me yesterday to tell me that his new pellet stove wasn’t working through the remote thermostat that came with the stove. I assumed that it was an add on Tstat like a Skytech or similar. I mosey over to his house, and the first thing I find, is bad, leaking batteries in the receiver. Replaced the batteries, and paired the remote to the receiver . Started up stove, burner operating OK, left house. Last night he calls, stove is still running. 77degrees in house, and Tstat set at 72 degrees. Told him to shut stove down manually. This stove and remote Tstat are married to each other, and so trying to find tech help from Travis. Anyone familiar with this pair? Stove was purchased this spring, and then not fired until now as they were remodeling.

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