Space-Gard 2200 Air Cleaner Filter Housing Missing

Hi everyone! I have a Space-Gard 2200 air filter and it appears to be missing the housing for the filter, making the filter useless. I purchased the home only two years ago so I have no idea what would have happened to it.

I can not find this exact model anywhere online. Yes, the Aprilaire 2200 is all over the internet, but not the Space-Gard 2200. The Aprilaire appears to be a white plastic unit, mine is a blue steal unit. I’ve attached photos. Any advice on where to get a replacement housing unit or the "official" name for it? Any history on why this blue model is non-existent online?

Thank you!Name: 20151116_213037.jpg Views: 0 Size: 64.8 KBName: 20151116_213118.jpg Views: 0 Size: 82.9 KB

Attached Images


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