Advice on Apartment Humidity Problem, Please

Hello everyone and thank you for the opportunity to seek help on this matter from educated/professional individuals in the field.

I am two months into a lease on a new apartment that I initially felt uncomforable in that I wondered could be my imagination, including clammy skin, chilly, heavy feelings in all my clothes and fabrics and bedding and a vague dampness in my furniture, carpet, etc. Did some research and based on the fact that the majority of my unit is over a crawlspace and is old I gathered it was a humidity issue. Finally bought a cheap humidity reader (AcuRite) and it is indeed reading an average of 60 to 70% in all my main rooms (the temp being around the same for the last week).

Guys. I am miserable… I can’t get people to come over and I am having trouble sleeping. I don’t want to be in my own home.

First question I ask is, how tough can I get on my landlord to get this right, and to make my apt. a consistent 30 to 50% comfort level that is apparently healthy? I ask because he’s not cooperating as quickly as I want in remedying the situation, as he’s said he’ll be covering the crawlspace floor in plastic as well as do some form of extra sealing at the base of my unit outside– not sure exactly what kind of procedure he was talking about. Is he breaking some sort of city code by making me live this way and not being prompt with the matter? Also, will the two described methods even probably bring me the desired dryer indoor climate?

I have ordered a very small dehumidfier (Eva-Dry 1100 Petite model?) and am wondering how much it may drop the percentage. I imagine it will only take care of one room, but fortunatlely both my bed and living room are quite small. Are dehumidifers effective enough that I may not have to goad my landlord into fixing this himself? Or am I entitled to do that?

Thank you anyone who responds to this, I am very distraught. The thought of it feeling this way for much longer makes me want to up and break the lease.




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