Weils Mclain boiler

Hi Everyone. 1st time boiler owner. I have a Weils Mclain boiler with 2 heating zones. One zone is hot water going to an air handler in the attic which forces hot air to the second floor. The other zone is hot water providing radiated heating to the floors on the first floor.

I began wondering, if I am already running the boiler to heat water for the 2nd floor zone, should I have the 1st floor zone on too? The boiler is already on heating the water for the air handler. Will it have to work twice as hard to heat the 1st floor?

So, to look at this question mathematically, if running only the 1st floor zone uses 10 OZ of fuel per hour, and running only the 2nd floor zone uses 10 OZ of fuel per hour, how many OZ of fuel will be burned if I run both of the zones at the same time? (I’m sure I am way off on the OZ. I have no idea what it uses) I am not an HVAC guy, but I have to imagine running both zones at the same is more efficient and would be under 20 OZ per hour. The boiler is already running and heating water. Right?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


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