Bryant 2 stage vs Evolution modulating?

We are replacing a 14 YO Trane gas furnace and are deciding between a Bryant 926 2-stage and a Bryant Evolution 987 modulating. We understand how the modulating unit works and the benefits it provides but have a few questions to help evaluate the big cost difference:

a. Do modulating furnaces, in general, have more repairs than 2 stage?

b. On a 1900 square foot ranch house, would the modulating unit keep the bedroom end more consistently warmer than a 2-stage? That has been a problem with the Trane 2 stage.

c. Is the Bryant Evolution 987 modulating considerably quieter than the Bryant 926 2-stage?

d. If a modulating unit runs more often, but at slower speeds for more consistent temperature, doesn’t that mean there would be more wear on the parts vs a 2 stage over time?

e. What % of the market is replacing with modulating units now vs 2-stage?

Very much appreciate any input….just trying to understand if the industry truly believes the value of the modulating unit warrants its higher cost. Thank you.


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